Practice Ring #3
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Practice Ring #3

Practice Ring #3 adjoins the Sutherland Livestock & Equine Arena. The dirt arena surrounded by a concrete apron, has room for bleacher seating and vendor parking. It is also routinely used as a warm-up arena for horse shows and a staging area for cattle shows.


  • Warm-up arena for horse shows
  • Covered cattle holding area for horse shows using cattle
  • Weigh-in and staging area for cattle shows
  • Educational clinics and seminars involving animals


  • Concrete apron surrounding dirt ring
  • Large ceiling fans for improved air circulation
  • Covered walkways to adjoining facilities
  • Vendor spaces
  • Sound system
  • Bleacher seating available upon request
  • Connected to Practice Ring #2 and Sutherland Arena by covered walkway
  • Adjacent to Corral Building
  • Flanked by small round pen and large lunging pen


  • 44,000 square feet
  • Dirt 110’ x 220′ arena
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